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    Madame Mary, LLC is a proud provider of premium Bloody Mary Mix, one that has a true made-from-scratch flavor.  We use an assortment of high quality ingredients and our recipe is blended together in a small batch cooking process, which brings consistency to each batch and creates our product's homemade taste.  

    We are a family owned and operated small business. Our team consists of three: Gary Schoeppner, Amy Schoeppner-Hanken, and James Hanken.  Amy and James are both graduates of the University of Northern Iowa. Amy has a Masters in Special Education and James has a B.A. in Secondary Education and much experience with mixology and tending bar.  James is originally from Marshalltown, IA but moved to Templeton shortly after his marriage to Amy.  Gary Schoeppner is a local farmer and an employee of Pella Windows in Carroll, IA. He's a dedicated member of his community and has called Templeton home his entire life.

    Our company is located in the quaint, Western Iowa small town of Templeton.  Madame Mary's co-owner, Amy Schoeppner-Hanken, grew up in this community and has Templeton roots that go back generations. It was Amy's family roots and the strong community support that ultimately brought us back to Templeton, to start our company.    

    We've been selling our Bloody Marys for just over a year now but our business has been an evolving concept for over three years. Our online store front is brand new and fully secure.  We look forward to using online sales as an opportunity to bring our products to a larger market. 

    All and all, we're just a family of Bloody Mary enthusiasts, with a goal to bring the world a better mix.   

    To find out more about Madame Mary, find us on facebook or follow us on twitter. Links to each are at the bottom of this page.  

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to doing business with you! 


    Best Regards,

    The Madame Mary Team

    James & Amy Hanken

    Gary Schoeppner




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